Georgetown University

Current courses
Ling 404: Field Methods
Ling 202: RULE (research-based undergraduate linguistics experience)
Past courses
Ling 215: Sounds of Language
Ling 409: Linguistic Typology
Ling 411: Phonology 1
Ling 412: Phonology 2
Ling 718: The Morphology/Phonology Interface

UC Berkeley

Spring 2017
Ling 115: Intro to Phonology and Morphology — with Larry Hyman
Fall 2016
Ling R1b: Undergraduate reading and writing course on endangered languages
Spring 2015
Ling 120: Intro to Syntax and Semantics — with Peter Jenks
Fall 2014
Ling 130: Historical Linguistics — with Andrew Garrett


PhD students

Current advisees
Maya Barzilai
Bertille Baron
Christiana McGrady
Bernie O'Connor
Eric Gasperoni
Past committees
Lindley Winchester (2019)
Jahurul Islam (2019)
Stacy Petersen (2018)

Undergraduate theses

Current advisees
Katherine Russell